Introducing the Circle-Y Tunnel Greenhouse by Crop Tunnels USA, LLC

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Crop Tunnels USA, LLC, has invented a seasonal tunnel greenhouse system that can be built economically and competitively compared to foreign products currently imported predominantly from China, Canada, and England. Our innovative, custom greenhouse solutions offer a unique variety of greenhouse coverings to protect crops from the elements and pests, and feature the revolutionary Roll-A-Roof™ (RAR)™ system, which quickly, efficiently, and productively shields the roof of each greenhouse with a perfectly adapted protective covering. Imagine the benefits–in terms of both labor and dollars–of being able to protect precious crops from freezing temperatures, devastating hail, birds, insects, and even invasive wildlife that can damage and even destroy entire crops. With its unique mechanized covering system and exclusive materials, the Circle-Y Tunnel Greenhouse by Crop Tunnels USA, LLC, provides the ultimate protection in all aspects of growing, at a level of quality that is unsurpassed in terms of technology, strength, and quality.

The current US seasonal tunnel market is rapidly expanding. Crop Tunnels USA, LLC, offers several advantages over other foreign and domestic competitors. We take pride in each and every structure down to the last detail, and our innovative technology is employed at all levels of assembly. We understand the unique situations that can arise in the growing environment. Our research, experience, technology, and construction techniques combine to ensure that our structures can reliably withstand the environmental challenges that growers face, and our commitment to excellence is uncompromising.